All or Single Service Design


One of the most important elements of electrical system or cabling is the initial design, one that is designed on the basis of use, we do not intend on designing a system that we believe will not be used.

A well-designed system will maximise performance, improve reliability, make the system more flexible, and enhance scalability.

Whether you are building a new home, renovating your home, or fitting out your business, we will complete your electrical and cable system design so it delivers on all the above objectives.

At McW Electrics & Automation, we complete this by assessing your current needs and requirements as well as analysing your building and anticipating your future needs.

This is done by an experienced electrical and cable installation professional.

Experience Throughout Auckland

Our team has experience designing cable and electrical systems for businesses of all sizes as well as homes. Every member of our team is also qualified and committed to delivering outstanding levels of customer service.

In addition, our prices are competitive so you can get the design you need for less.

Flexible, Customised Service

Our electrical and cable system design services are available as a standalone service but we also offer them with many of our other solutions.

In every project we do, our priority is to give you the best solution possible for your needs.

To start a conversation today about our design services, please give us a call on 021 186 0103