Automation Control Solutions


At McW Electrics & Automation, we can turn your whole home into a smart home with our home automation control services.

Our automation solutions give you remote control over devices and systems in your home to enhance your levels of comfort, improve security, save you time, and save you money.

With our solutions, you will be able to control a range or all equipment and services in your home from your phone or tablet, anywhere in the world.

Our team of qualified electricians have experience in the installation of automation control solutions in homes and offices across Auckland.

That experience extends to devices made by all main manufacturers. In addition, we offer excellent customer service and we keep our prices low.

Available Solutions :

  • Control all or any lights including dimming them or switching them off or on
  • Arm/Disarm your cameras if away from home
  • Automatic light switching via sensors
  • turn on/off or adjust your heating or AC
  • Control your TV from a device
  • Control all your AV from one button like so; "Press Movie"  (projector drop, Input changed to Netflix, Volume adjusted and Lights dimmed) 
  • Switch  your alarm on or off
  • Unlock or lock your front door if away from home
  • Turn on particular power outlets

We can give you the ability to remotely control all the above and more through applications that we use regularly on any device, an in-wall touch screen controller and/or through voice activation.

Find out more about home automation and remote control – call today on 021 186 0103