Home Security Solutions


McW Electrics & Automation is a trusted home security solution installer throughout Auckland.

Our services will help secure your family, property, and possessions while giving you complete control, even when you are not at home.

We supply and install security systems that are ahead of time with technology. 

Our comprehensive services cover the complete install from designing the system, installing all the components, running cables for power and broadband access, and configuring the system.

Our Home Security Services

  • Control - Arm or Disarm or view status of alarm system from phone or tablet
  • Dual Motion Sensing - Sensors can be placed in important areas throughout your home that detect motion and mass in an area.
  • Access control - We can supply and install modern alternatives to the traditional lock and key method of getting into your home or office by using keyless entry or code entry.
  • Intercoms - Want to be alerted or be able to view when someone arrives? A variety of solutions that let you make contact with visitors before letting them into your home.
  • Monitoring - Appropriate services can be alerted depending on situation of alarm (Fire or Break in)
  • Smoke or Fire Detection - We can supply and install smoke detectors throughout important areas in your home.

Give us a call today to discuss your requirements and make a step towards a safer home on 021 186 0103