Your Structured Cabling Experts


McW Electrics & Automation provides structured cabling solutions to Residential and Commercial businesses across Auckland.

Your business can benefit from our expertise as well. You can use our structured cabling solutions to improve your current infrastructure or when adding or removing components.

Structured cabling is an organised method of designing and installing the cabling in your business to deliver reliable and predictable performance while also being flexible to accommodate your future needs.

What We Do :

  • Audit – We start by investigating your current infrastructure to get a full understanding of the setup and the building.
  • Design – We design the structured cabling solution to maximise performance, flexibility, and adaptability to current and future business needs
  • Supply – We supply high quality cables, trunking cables, patch panels, and many more.
  • Installation – Our team of experienced and qualified technicians and electricians carry out every installation.
  • Management / Warranty – We also provide ongoing support, maintenance and warranty of the cabling system in your business.

Customised Structured Cabling Solutions


In designing a solution for your business, we will take into account your data and communication requirements as well as the size of your company, the size of the building, and the layout of the building. We also look at potential future needs to scale or expand your infrastructure as well as the impact of any structural changes to the building.

This ensures you get maximum performance and maximum return on investment from your structured cabling solution long into the future.

To discuss further, please call us today on 021 186 0103