Phone System Installation

Do you have messy telephone cables running throughout your home or office?

Do you need a phone in a particular location but can't put one there because there is no phone socket?

Have you bought a new phone system that needs installed? McW Electrics & Automation can provide an easy and affordable option to all these problems.

We are known as cabling experts in Auckland so will ensure you have phone sockets where you need them while also hiding away and tidying up the cabling that is essential for the operation of your phones.

We have a number of solutions that make this possible, including in-wall solutions that are ideal for new builds and homes being renovated, as well as solutions where you want as little damage left to the wall as possible.

Why Us?

We focus on integrating your phone system with the way you live your life, not just making it work.

This means making it look tidy and hiding cables so the décor of your home is not impacted. It also means giving you phone sockets where you need them and reducing them where you dont, including in hard to reach locations.

Commitment to Quality

All our technicians are well trained and must work to our exacting standards for quality.

This includes ensuring they deliver unrivalled levels of workmanship as well as excellent standards of customer service.

Plus, we keep our prices as low as possible.

Give us a call today to arrange a free, no obligation quote for phone system installation, Call 021 186 0103