Office and Home Network Installations


At McW Electrics & Automation, we can examine existing internet connection or lock at best options for internet connection throughout home or office.

We can design a network cabling system and complete the full installation of your office or home network.

We offer solutions such as:

  •  Eliminating Wi-Fi black-spots in areas 
  • Providing hardwired internet connections in many locations
  • Being able to install equipment where you want it because there is now internet access
  • Eliminating dropping internet signals or slow connections
  • Entire Home Ethernet and Wi-Fi Connections

The solution we can put in place for your home will connect all your current devices including computers, laptops, phones, tablets, iPads, security cameras, heating and A/C controls, doorbells, IoT devices, home entertainment system, and smart speakers.

In addition, we will ensure there is enough capacity to meet your needs in the future as more devices in your home get connected to the internet. We can make sure you have a strong Wi-Fi signal throughout your home, plus we can install ethernet points in suitable locations for devices that operate better with a physical connection.

Maximising Internet Speed

The data cabling and home networking solutions we install will also ensure you get the best possible speed from your broadband connection whatever device you use. This applies whether the connection is through Wi-Fi or an ethernet cable.

The installation of your network and data cabling solution will be carried by a fully trained, qualified, and experienced professional. We are Auckland based, offer excellent levels of customer service, and will get you the most competitively priced solution based on what you want to achieve.

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