Adding to Your Home or Business Electrics

Do you want to expand the capacity of the electrics in your home or business by adding new power sockets in locations where you don’t have enough? Are you tired of using multiple extension cables and multi-plug adaptors which look terrible and can often be unsafe? Do you want additional phone sockets in your home, or do you need ethernet internet access for a device that is far away from your router? At McWilliams Electrics, we can help with all of these situations and many more.

In other words, we can make the electrics and cabling setup in your home or business work for you. We’ll ensure you have the right access points in the right locations to run all the devices you need. Everything will be installed using high quality materials and the installation will be carried out by our trained and qualified electricians.

What Makes Us Different

·         Whatever size of job, we deliver consistent standards of service

·         We can help you with anything in your home that runs off the electric or needs cables – such as your TV, internet connection, CCTV system, or home entertainment system.

·         Our team is professional and friendly and will do whatever they can to make sure you are completely satisfied

·         We keep our prices as low as possible

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